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The group passed through countless storms on our way to the auction until an enormous rainbow was seen. On the return trip home, a shooting star crossed our path. We felt like the heavens blessed our journey.


Rescuing from a puppy mill auction is very controversial. Having said that however, there are still many groups of individuals, both breed specific and general rescue groups, which do this. Other groups make it a point to never buy from an auction unless it's a dispersal auction and the puppy mill is being broken up. Still others refuse to do rescue even then stating the animals must be totally free of charge and “without owners” before they will step in.
They're All Keepers came about because for the first time in several years, Havanese were found to be on the auction block. Hoping to prevent the descent of the breed into the mills, a  small group  banded together on very short notice with the intent of buying as many of the dogs as possible. Since that time the original members have moved in separate ways to work on rescue. My focus has been  with educational efforts  to put a stop to puppy mills while continuing to work with dogs from shelters and those relinquished by their owners. Networking with other rescue groups has also been a key element to my work. Research into other groups and their efforts is ongoing. If you belong to a group working on legislation, public education, a boycott of a store or chain of stores, letter writing campaigns regarding puppymills or petstores selling puppies, etc. and would like to have a link from this sight or one to your webpage, please contact us.


The name, They're All Keepers came about because of the third dog we were able to rescue. A little white and champagne boy, he was the last of over 260 dogs on sale that day. Getting him felt like a blessing. His new Mom called him Cooper until someone suggested “Keeper”. The name has stuck and will be on his registration. Similarly, his legacy lives on in the name and reflects our sentiments. They're All Keepers.

The orignal Keeper

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