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They're All Keepers - the new site

They're All Keepers was formed in a time of need. Initially it was part of a group that went into an auction to buy into freedom as many Havanese as possible. That group took different paths though each continue to work on rescue in one way or another. The TAK website remains here, as do I, committed to assist in identifying Havanese in shelters needing homes and to rescue this breed from abusive situations. Please contact me if you know of a Havanese in need of help.


In the course of working with various rescue groups and individuals, I learned to search online animal shelters. In very short time, I came to find that Havanese are indeed being turned into shelters or are found on the streets and left unclaimed in the shelters after they are picked up. Because the breed is still unfamiliar to many people and because of the variation of color and coat type, our dogs are frequently misidentified. Being catagorized as a "mixed breed" or a "large Maltese" means Havanese are denied assistance by some Havanese breed rescue groups. They languish in the shelter and are passed over by someone looking for a purebred animal. In short, it can and does cost them their lives. To assist in the identification of Havanese in shelters and those found during a puppy mill break up or that of a hoarder, I created a Havanese Identification flyer. Please download this flyer and bring it to your local animal shelter or provide it for those working with mill and hoarder rescue. To see the flyer, click on this link:

Havanese Identification Flyer
The new Breed Identification Site is under construction. This site compares 10 breeds which are commonly confused with each other in rescue situations. Each breed is included on a chart which can be easily printed. In addition, each of the ten breeds included has it's own identification page complete with pictures and links. Breeds included are: Havanese, Maltese, Bichon, Lowchen, Chinese Crested (powder puff), Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Tibetan Terrier,  and Coton de Tulear.


I believe the solution to the puppy mill problem will take many approaches and the support of thousands. It's easy to become discouraged when you learn the truth behind the cute puppies in the pet store, but rather than being overwhelmed, please find an area in which you can focus your energies and begin to do something. Join a letter writing campaign, help pay for a billboard to educate the public about what a puppy mill is, join a pet store boycott, donate money to a rescue group or animal shelter, foster a rescued animal until a permanent home can be found, put up a display case in your public library to inform people about what a puppy mill is, volunteer at your local humane society, encourage a pet store to sponsor animals from the local shelter in their store instead of selling puppy mill bred pets, and/or adopt a rescued animal. There's a lot one person can do. You'll make a difference and feel better about yourself and the world.